The E-MOKE History

With MOKE & E-Moke, the french Moke Burby’s group, a leading Lyon-based player on the electric vehicles market, is reinventing the famous Mini Moke.

  • In the 40'

    The story of the Moke started in the Second World war, when the British army called on the British Motor Corporation to design a new lightweight and robust vehicle that could be dropped by parachute. Sir Alec Issigonis came up with the Mini Moke, without ever imagining that his model would one day become an icon.

  • The 70's show !

    The Moke scored a storming success in the 1970s, when it was made popular by stars like Brigitte Bardot. The Moke became a trendy vehicle on the French Riviera, where it was the vehicle to be seen in!

  • In the 90'

    By the 1990s, the Moke had been left behind by more modern vehicles and production was stopped. But car enthusiasts kept the legend alive by taking great care of their little gems. As its scarcity increased, every appearance of the Moke attracted attention. Everyone was seduced by its unique look...

  • 2014 : E-Moke was born

    In 2014, France’s leading distributor of electric vehicles, the Moke-Burby’s group, decided to start making the Moke again. A new and modernised range with aluminium bodywork was developed. Moke-Burby’s also made a major innovation by offering an electric version of the Moke. The E-Moke hit the market and scored a resounding success, right from its first appearances at internationally renowned motor shows.

  • Today

    Today, some of the biggest stars, from Leonardo di Caprio to CĂ©line Dion, all want to be seen at the wheel of an E-Moke. A new chapter of the story is in the writing, with the return of the Mini Moke to worldwide markets.

  • To be continued...