E-MOKE in quest for a worldwide market

The Lyon-based Moke Burby’s group, which has been specialised in the distribution in France of electric utility vehicles since 2005, is launching a 100% electric version of the mythical Mini Moke on a worldwide scale.

By adding the construction of range-topping leisure vehicles on a worldwide scale to its long-standing distribution business, Moke Burby’s is boosting its growth and entering a new dimension.

“The Mini Moke is a gem. The “Moke” brand is a legend. The E-Moke is innovative and its customers are well-off and trendy. The market is worldwide,” explains Louis Thannberger, a banker and administrator of listed companies.

Moke Burby’s has decided to be listed on Euronext Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels before the end of the year in order to fund the achievement of its ambitions.

“Moke Burby’s arrival on the markets by the end of 2018 will bring a number of benefits:  the reputation of our group and our brands, the clarity of our strategy and our credibility in the eyes of our customers,” explains Marine Bouhy, President of Moke Burby’s.

“We aim to raise €4 million in order to implement our strategy to produce the Moke range in France, to speed up the development of all the Moke Burby’s group’s activities, in particular by strengthening the group’s international presence, to recruit the talent the group needs (sales, engineering, marketing) and to finance the development and homologation of the various models of the Moke.”

Read the full press release l September 18th 2018